Guitar Stories

Ren FergusonBig Sky Builder

The untold story of Ren Ferguson and his unforgettable flattop guitars. More >>

Gibson 12 stringNew Sound, Old Guitar

A near-mint Gibson B-45 12-string. A bad bridge. Lots of potential. More >>

guitar with ampMy Amps' Date With Chuck Berry

Lending an amp to Chuck Berry could be a dream come true... or a nightmare. More >>

Designing and Building a Custom GuitarDesigning and Building a
Custom Guitar

Every guitar player, at some point, has probably thought about all the features and characteristics they, would include if they built their, own "dream guitar."
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Mossman GuitarsMossman Guitars

In this day and age when the importance of quantity overrides the need for quality, there is very little left of the "Old-Fashioned" craftsmanship for which our ancestors so diligently strived. More >>

Herb EllisHerb Ellis, Interview with a Jazz Legend

Herb Ellis, was born in 1921 in a farming area north of Dallas, Texas.
He first played harmonica at age three. Then, when he was 7 or 8 years old, someone left a flat-top roundhole guitar at the house… More >>

Tommy EmmanuelTommy Emmanuel: On the Power of Inspiration

Tommy Emmanuel’s... is one of the very select few to have been designated a “Certified Guitar Player” by the late, great Chet Atkins—the very man who had been the greatest source of inspiration to him as a young boy.
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Bugs HendersonBugs Henderson

Born in 1944 in Palm Springs, Florida, Bugs Henderson was dubbed “Bugs” by an adolescent band member who insisted everyone should have a nickname.
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Lyric Guitar ReviewLyric Guitar Review

The beginning of any new guitar venture begins with a gleam in somebody's eye, and John Southern of Tulsa certainly has a different vision of what an instrument should be... More >>

Gibson Custom ShopThe Gibson Custom Shop

The Gibson Custom Shop. Ahh, just the sound of it conjures up visions. Thoughts of primo pieces of spruce and curly maple, inspired imaginations, and skilled and sensitive hands had left me restless a few nights before my trip to Nashville. More >>